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Levitating Moon Lamp

Levitating Moon Lamp

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FloatBliss - Levitating Moon Lamp

A Futuristic touch for your bedroom or table decor, this lamp is more than just a lighting solution, It's a conversation starter, a mood-setter, and a uniquely magnetic addition to any space.

These moon lamps are not just decorative; they are meticulously crafted using cutting-edge 3D printing technology, layer by layer, to faithfully recreate the appearance of the moon.

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Base Color: Light Color
Material: PLA
Color: White
Diameter: 140mm
Light source Type: LED
Light Color: White, Warm White, Yellow (adjustable)
Lamp Power: 3W
Suspension Distance: 15mm
Pulg: UK

How To Make It Levitate

1 - Place the base on a flat and non-magnetic surface and turn it on by connecting the cable and the adapter to the outlet.

2 - Hold the object with both hands. Start from the center of the base, about 10cm high, and slowly descend until you are about 2cm above the base. You will feel a slight repulsion on the base.

3 - When you feel that the object is almost balanced in the air, release it slowly. If it is attracted to the base, pick it up and start again from step 2. Otherwise, congratulations, you have successfully made it levitate!


If you don't succeed, try again. It may take a few attempts.

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About Our Levitating Moon Lamp

🌕Safe Night Light

Imagine never worrying about stumbling in the night or waking up startled in a dark environment again. With the Levitating Moon Lamp, you get more than just a simple night light - you receive a safety and comfort experience like never before. This unique lamp not only emits a soft and soothing light but also magically floats on its base, providing a reassuring presence in the children's room or any room of the house. Say goodbye to poorly lit nights and hello to a truly magical and safe nighttime atmosphere.

🧘‍♂️Relaxation Sessions

Transform your meditation, yoga, or relaxation sessions into a transcendental experience. Its soft and diffused light not only illuminates the environment but also calms the mind and elevates the spirit. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of serenity and peace like never before, while the magical floating lamp transports you to a state of deep and rejuvenating relaxation. Discover the transformative power and dive into a journey of tranquility and well-being.

🔓Unlocking Potential

Imagine finally overcoming daily distractions and achieving unwavering focus on your tasks. With the Levitating Moon Lamp in your workspace, you'll experience a remarkable transformation. Its presence not only adds a touch of elegance but also creates a serene and stimulating environment that elevates your productivity to new heights. Let yourself be amazed by this unique lamp's ability to unlock your potential, making every work moment a focused and rewarding experience. Discover the secret behind it and transform your way of working forever.


Surprise friends, family, or coworkers with a gift that goes beyond the ordinary. With the Levitating Moon Lamp, you're not just giving a simple lamp, but rather a unique and memorable experience. Its innovative and fascinating nature will surely leave a lasting impression and be appreciated by those who receive it. Get ready to see smiles of admiration and gratitude when revealing this extraordinary gift.

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We decided to embark on the journey of creating something completely new and truly magical. When the opportunity to start this venture arose, we did not hesitate to seize it. Every detail of this levitating work of art has been carefully conceived and developed to offer a unique and fascinating experience. It is with great pride that we share our passion for innovation and magic with you through our exceptional products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews

such a cool room piece! it really does float, and looks very pretty. it is a big heavy so just something to keep in mind with location for putting it, i would also make sure its on a sturdy surface with no breakables as if the moon goes off center, it will slam down. otherwise a really cute piece


Got this for my wife and she got the hang of it almost instantly! It is extremely cool. And the lighting effect makes it look so much better


I’ve bought a few of these as presents and all my friends have loved it. While it is a little difficult to make the sphere float you get the hang of it after doing it a few times.


good products, recomend


The levitating moon lamp is an exceptional product that combines beauty, functionality and cutting-edge technology. It is a unique and unforgettable piece of decoration that will surely amaze everyone who sees it. I highly recommend the levitating moon lamp for anyone looking for an innovative and relaxing way to decorate their home.