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Levitating Light Bulb

Levitating Light Bulb

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FloatBliss- Levitating Light Bulb

The current lamp employs magnetic levitation technology, allowing it to float and rotate smoothly in the air, without any physical contact or noticeable noise. It's a truly remarkable wonder.

The Levitating Light Lamp is a harmonious fusion of art, technology, and illumination, providing a mesmerizing and ethereal lighting experience for any space, capable of impressing both your guests and yourself.

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Base size: Diameter 195mm, height 30mm
Levitation weight: 0-250g
Color: Marble
Levitation gap:10-15mm

How To Make It Levitate

1 - Place the base on a flat and non-magnetic surface and turn it on by connecting the cable and the adapter to the outlet.

2 - Hold the object with both hands. Start from the center of the base, about 10cm high, and slowly descend until you are about 2cm above the base. You will feel a slight repulsion on the base.

3 - When you feel that the object is almost balanced in the air, release it slowly. If it is attracted to the base, pick it up and start again from step 2. Otherwise, congratulations, you have successfully made it levitate!


If you don't succeed, try again. It may take a few attempts.

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About Our Levitating Light Bulb

🧘‍♂️Haven of Peace

Indulge in maximum relaxation with the gentle illumination of our levitating light bulb. Designed to create a tranquil and comforting environment, it's the perfect choice for meditation spaces or relaxation areas. Let its soft and enveloping light transport you to a state of serenity and calmness, while adding a touch of sophistication and style to your surroundings. Transform your home or workplace into a haven of peace with our levitating light bulb, where comfort and beauty converge.

📚 Enchant and Educate

Capture children's imagination with the magic of levitation! Our levitating light bulb is not just a fascinating object, but a tool to awaken their curiosity and interest in science and technology. Imagine the bright eyes and admiring smiles when children witness the light floating in the air before them. Besides being an exciting gift, it's an educational opportunity to explore the principles of physics in a practical and fun way. Invest in the future of the little ones as you enchant them with the magic of levitation. Get your levitating light bulb now and watch young minds light up with discoveries!

✨Shine with Style

Get ready to stand out! With our levitating light bulb, you not only illuminate your space but also become the center of attention. Get ready for a barrage of questions and compliments because this is not just a light bulb - it's a work of art that sparks curiosity and admiration. Be the protagonist of your story and elevate the style of your home with this unparalleled centerpiece.


Surprise friends, family, or coworkers with a gift that goes beyond the ordinary. With the Levitating Light Bulb, you're not just giving a simple lamp, but rather a unique and memorable experience. Its innovative and fascinating nature will surely leave a lasting impression and be appreciated by those who receive it. Get ready to see smiles of admiration and gratitude when revealing this extraordinary gift.

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We decided to embark on the journey of creating something completely new and truly magical. When the opportunity to start this venture arose, we did not hesitate to seize it. Every detail of this levitating work of art has been carefully conceived and developed to offer a unique and fascinating experience. It is with great pride that we share our passion for innovation and magic with you through our exceptional products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Katherine King

Is truly a conversation starter and a remarkable addition to any space's décor. Its ability to float in the air, thanks to magnetic technology, is captivating and creates a magical atmosphere. The initial setup may be a bit delicate, but once it's up and running, the visual effect is stunning.


This is very unique. Could be used as a night light or accent light. One light mode. The base plugs into the wall and the on off button is on the base top. Great gift idea. Great product for the price too. Made very well. Absolutely happy 😊


This light was probably the easiest thing to set up - literally took 30 seconds. It's not super bright, so you can enjoy it without blinding yourself. It adds a nice look to my foyer/entry.
The bulb is beefy in style (no idea about a replacement, if it were ever to break or stop working).


"Magic is real!!!" is what my toddler shouted out when I showed this to her. I've bought several "levitating" devices since they first came out, and this is by far the best one yet. The original ones did not light up or have any type of induction power. You can still find one like this... they are the ones that look like a bulky C with a globe or ball floating in between it. They are terrible, they are hard to place in the right spot to levitate and get out of balance easily. Plus, they are made out of cheap plastic and look like they are made out of cheap plastic. This model is dramatically better. The light bulb is easy to set in the sweet spot so it levitates and it is very stable. You can take your fingers and swipe across it, or twist the bulb over the top to make it spin... and it will spin for a very long time since there's essentially no friction other than air. On top of all this, you have the induction transfer of power to the levitating bulb to turn it on. AMAZING. It's funny how some reviews have complained that it isn't bright enough to be a normal light?!!!! Wow. Tough crowd. You have a levitating bulb that is also powered through thin air and it isn't bright enough?!

Mia A.

My experience started off a bit rocky due to the package being lost in transit. However, I must highlight the incredible customer support provided by the company. As soon as I reached out to report the issue, I was promptly assisted and the matter was resolved swiftly and efficiently.

The customer support team acted with professionalism and courtesy, offering me an immediate solution. Without any hesitation, they sent me a new product at no extra cost, ensuring that I received what I had originally ordered.

Despite the initial setback, I am very pleased with how the issue was handled by the customer support team. Their attention to detail and readiness to resolve the situation demonstrate a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction.